The I IEEE World Engineering Education Conference - EDUNINE2017, happened in Santos, São Paulo, the biggest city at Atlantic Forest Coast in Brazil, on March 19 to 22, 2017.

The theme of the congress was: "Engineering Education - Balancing Generalist and Specialist Formation in Technological Carriers: a Current Challenge".

The official language was English.

The host Institution was Santa Cecilia University (UNISANTA).

Prof. Dr. Claudio da Rocha Brito
General Chair

General Chair
Manuel A. Castro
Henrique D. Santos
Technical Program Chair

General Chair:
Claudio da Rocha Brito

Melany M. Ciampi
Manuel A. Castro

Technical Program Chair:
Henrique D. Santos

Awards Chair:
Russ Meier

Publication Chair
Victor A. Barros

Steering Committee:
Cláudio R. Brito, Chair of Committee
Melany M. Ciampi
Manuel A. Castro
Maria Feldgen
Henrique D. Santos

Technical Program Committee:
Henrique D. Santos, Chair of Committee
Alfonso Perez Gama, Colombia
André L. Reda, Brazil
Barbara Bernal, USA
Claudio R. Brito, Brazil
Dan Budny, USA
Edmilson R. Braga, Brazil
Edmundo Tovar, Spain


Irina Avenarious, Russia
James Sluss, USA
James Wolfer, USA
John Impagliazzo, USA
Jose Carlos Metrolho, Portugal
Jose Salvado, Portugal
Joseph J. Rencis, USA
Luis Amaral, Portugal
Manuel A. Castro, Spain
Manuel Gericota, Portugal
María Feldgen, Argentina
Maria Larrondo, USA
Maria Nascimento, Portugal
Maria Uskova, USA
Martín Llamas Nistal, Spain
Martin Vigild, Denmark
Melany M. Ciampi, Brazil
Muthar Al-Ubaidi, USA
Osvaldo Clua, Argentina
Rob Reilly, USA
Rosa Vasconcelos, Portugal
Russ Meier, USA
Tiia Rüütmann, Estonia
Uriel Cukierman, Argentina
Victor A. Barros, Brazil
Victor Schultz, USA
Vladimir G. Zakharov, Russia
Vladimir Uskov, USA
Walter W. Buchanan, USA
Yolanda Guran-Postlethwaite, USA


EDUNINE Meritorious Service Award
2017 recipient is Manuel Castro for outstanding contributions to the administrative and management efforts for the IEEE EDUNINE conference.


The topics of congress were:

  • Academic Teaching and Administration
  • Accreditation and Quality Control
  • Active/Cooperative Learning
  • Advanced Technology in the Classroom
  • Advising and Orientation Programs
  • Assessment of Education Methods
  • Capstone/Creative Design Experiences
  • Computer Science Education
  • Continuing Education in Engineering
  • Cooperative Networks
  • Current Trends in Engineering Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Digital Library
  • Distance Learning and Virtual University
  • Diversity in Engineering Education
  • Engineering Education and Job Market
  • Engineering Education Research
  • Engineering, Computer Science and Technology
  • Entry Level Course Design
  • Environmental Challenge
  • Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment
  • Evaluation of Engineering Programs' Quality
  • Faculty Career Development
  • Foreign Languages in Engineering Education
  • Global Engineering Practice
  • Globalization Initiatives and Programs
  • Innovative Approaches to First - year Engineering Education
  • Innovative Degree Programs
  • Integrated Curricula
  • Integrated Laboratory Instruction
  • Integration of Basic Sciences and Engineering
  • International Aspects of Engineering Education
  • K-12 Initiatives - Increasing the pool
  • Laboratory Innovations
  • Language and Humanities in Engineering Education
  • Learning Models and Computer
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Engineering Education
  • Models for Higher Education in Various Countries
  • Multidisciplinary Design Integration
  • Multidisciplinary Experiences
  • Multimedia and Virtual Reality Applications
  • New Approaches to Core Curricula
  • Non-tradition Curricula
  • Practice - based Engineering Education
  • Present and Changing Status of Engineering Education
  • Professional, Ethical and Social Responsibility
  • Profiles of New Engineer
  • Research-Curriculum Development
  • Social Sciences in Engineering Education
  • Software Engineering Educationv
  • Students and Teachers Mobility
  • Teaching Qualification in Engineering Education
  • Teaching the Art of Teaching
  • Undergraduate Research Experiences
  • University-Industry Joint Programs
  • Web-Based Education
  • Women and Minorities in Engineering
  Santa Cecilia University (UNISANTA)
BOOK OF ABSTRACTS (with detailed Program) and PROCEEDINGS

All the material of Congress is available for download below

Book of Abstracts
Proceedings: vol 1 papers published in IEEE Xplore (available here); vol 2 papers published in COPEC proceedings (available here)
Proceedings Covers
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